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Forward BioScience
Address:Room 3030, Building 3
China Agricultural Universi
Postcode:100193 Tel:010-62808490
About Us
Forward BioScience (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is an agent that is dedicated to the imported scientific instruments in the fields of life science , environmental science, material and chemical engineering. We always been cooperate with the best manufacturers, recommend and provide the best professional and the most suitable instruments to customs with the leading level of scientific research.
Now, we are the agent of analytikjena, HORIBA, memmert, PerkinElmer, ProteinSimple, Hettich. As the agent, except the sale of products, we also carry out the marketing promotion activities, provide the pre-sales technical support and the Part of the after-sales service. To meet the needs of customs better, we’v registered a company in Hong Kong, called Zhu Yuan International Trading Limited, which has the main business in foreign trade agency of imported scientific instruments.
There’re five sales, two technical supports, one sales assistant, one business assistant and two accountants in our team.
As the professional agent, we have solid user base in the fields of life science , environmental science, material and chemical engineering, mainly included Tsinghua University, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Remin University of China, China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing institute of Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing University of Geosciences, Beijing Normal University, Beihang University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Capital Medical University, Capital Normal University, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, China Golden Marker, Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing University Of Agriculture, Nanjing Medical University, Agricultural University of Hebei Province, Tianjin University of Technology, Tianjin Agricultural University, Zhejing Agriculture and Forestry University, Chongqing University, etc.
Achievements illustrate:
1. 2015-08, contract no. : 2015UNION/BI001756HK. End-user: Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Product: HPP750L (memmert).
2. 2015-10, contract no. : 15JYSH/691740HK. End-user: Beijing University Of Agriculture. Product: EasyCycler Gradient 96 (analytikjena).
3. 2015-10, contract no. : 2015OSTC-ZLH060. End-user: China University of Geosciences, Beijing. Product: FluoroMax-4 (HORIBA).
4. 2015-09, contract no. : CTEC2015JH-D058-15. End-user: China Agricultural University. Product: PowerCycler Gradient SL (analytikjena).
5. 2015-08, contract no. : 15JYSH/647840HK. End-user: Beijing Technology and Business University. Product: OpenPlex (HORIBA).
6. 2015-06, contract no. : ZYK00120150604. End-user: Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences. Porduct: IPP110plusT8 (memmert).
7. 2015-06, contract no. : 2015OMJH/BI0038207 DF. End-user: Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Product: InnuPure C96 (analytikjena), ScanDrop250 (analytikjena), FluorChem R (ProteinSimple).
8. 2015-04, contract no. : 2015OSTC-ZLH024. End-User: Beijing Institute of Technology. Product: LabRAM HR Evolution (HORIBA).
9. 2015-03, contract no. : HM2015-015A. End-user: Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences. Porduct: SpeedCycler2 (analytikjena), PowerCycler Gradient SL (analytikjena).
10. 2014-12, contract no. : 14JYSH/672640HK. End-user: China Agricultural University. Product: qTOWER 2.2 (analytikjena), ScanDrop 250 (analytikjena).
11. 2014-12, contract no. : 2014OSTC-WZJ161. End-user: Renmen University of China. Product: XploRA PLUS (HORIBA).
12. 2014-06, contract no. : BBT-14-BJQH057. End-user: Tsinghua University. Product: DualFL-UV-800C (HORIBA).
13. 2013-07, contract no. : 2013OSTC-WZJ111. End-user: Tsinghua University. Product: Enspire (PerkinElme